You know what you want....Here are the relevant phone numbers and website addresses;

Temporary Cradle rigging (Giraffe Access) 08707 553344

Suspended Access Equipment Sales/Maintenance 01476 575400

Design and Engineering 01476 575400

BMU Installation 01476 575400

Cradle Maintenance London 0203 8664200

Manchester 0161 7758809

Fall Protection London 0203 8664200

Manchester 0161 7758809

Training services 01751 475290

Zarafa Group
Case Studies

Please find a selection of recent projects carried out across the Zarafa Group.

If you require any further information on any type of suspended access or fall protection project, please contact us.

BMU Installation Project
Palace of Westminster
Permanent Cradle Replacement
Whitby Pier Access
BMU installation in Manchester
Double platform cradle system
BMU Replacement
Trolley system in Liverpool
Cathedral Access system
Power Station Boiler Access
Cradles for Call of Duty artwork
Cradle access for Facade works
Bespoke access on Beetham Tower
BMU Installation
All around Monorail solution
Cradle Access over Water
BMU Cradle Refurbishment project
Leadenhall 'Cheesegrater'
Walkie Talkie Building
Canary Wharf
Monorail Project
Handrail & Staircasing
Double Deck Cradles
Wind Turbine Access
Brighton i360

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