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Zarafa Group specialise in the niche area of suspended access and fall protection. 

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Building Maintenance Units (BMU's) are used for a range of maintenance tasks on buildings across the UK. As well as window cleaning, BMU systems provide access to carry out maintenance and repair on the external facade of buildings.

As UK distributor for world renowned Sky Climber Inc, Zarafa can design, supply and install BMU systems to a new building or to replace an existing machine. Zarafa's in house design and engineering team work closely with Sky Climber to provide a product suitable for our customer's needs.

The service does not stop at the installation. Zarafa Cradle Maintenance provide routine maintenance, testing and repair from multiple locations in the UK. Please visit the Cradle Maintenance page of the website for further information. 

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The Zarafa design and engineering team will work closely with the client to understand their facade access needs. Working seamlessly with the Sky Climber teams around the world, Zarafa will develop a safe, functional and cost-effective solution to even the most complex façade access challenge.

Zarafa ensures all of your equipment meets the stringent requirements for safety and functionality by designing in line with the latest British and European Standards.

Contact our design team on 01476 575400 for further information.

As the UK distributor for Sky Climber Inc, Zarafa can provide high quality, safe and efficient equipment from the most recognised name in suspended access solutions. Since 1955, Sky Climber have been manufacturing suspended access equipment worldwide.

Sky Climber Spain specialises in the design and manufacture of BMU's (Building Maintenance Units) and PI's (Permanent Installations). The team have completed and handed over more than 500 projects across the world.

Contact the Zarafa team on 01476 575400 for further information.

Once manufactured, the Zarafa team will project manage the installation, testing and commissioning of the system. 

High levels of planning, safety and quality of installation are employed on each and every project we carry out. Zarafa's specialist team of installers have many years experience across a wide range of projects.

Contact the Zarafa team on 01476 575400 for further information.

Zarafa can carry out an in depth condition survey of your equipment and recommend a number of options. This may include replacement of the system or in many cases refurbishment of the existing system.

Contact Zarafa on 01476 575400 for further information.


Zarafa provide a full range of maintenance  and repair services for all BMU products. This does not stop at Sky Climber products. Our engineers work on all types and makes of equipment.

For more information on our nationwide maintenance services, please visit our Cradle Maintenance page.

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