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Temporary Cradle rigging (Giraffe Access) 08707 553344

Suspended Access Equipment Sales/Maintenance 01476 575400

Design and Engineering 01476 575400

BMU Installation 01476 575400

Cradle Maintenance London 0203 8664200

Manchester 0161 7758809

Fall Protection London 0203 8664200

Manchester 0161 7758809

Training services 01751 475290

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Zarafa Group consists of a number of business who specialise in the niche area of suspended access and fall protection. 

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Our engineering and rigging teams have been providing innovative access solutions for over 40 years. We are proud to have been involved in thousands of projects across the UK covering a huge variety of structures. This is a testament to the knowledge and experience of our teams and the flexibility of the equipment we use.

If you have an access problem and you are unable to use other forms of access or would like a potentially more cost effective solution to more traditional methods of access, then please contact our in house engineering and design team on 01476 575400.

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Zarafa are always available to work with clients at concept stage when access is a particularly challenging element of a project.

Across the Group we have unrivalled years of experience in the access industry which, together with a culture of education and continuous personal development, ensures that experience and the application of the latest technology are reflected in proposed solutions.

Please call us on 01476 575400 to discuss any access requirements that you feel will benefit from our knowledge and experience or visit Zarafa Height Solutions.

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A well designed and engineered access solution will be safe, meet statutory requirements and be cost effective.

Our graduate engineering team work closely with experienced rigging, maintenance and installation personnel to bring together many years of on-site experience with a high level of technical knowledge. Recruitment policies and a culture of continuous education ensure our engineers maintain technical knowledge and awareness of technology advances.

Close working relationships with our global partners ensures clients benefit from knowledge gained on projects around the world.

For further information, please call the Engineering team direct on 01476 575400 or visit Zarafa Height Solutions.

Systems manufacture is managed by the Engineering team based in our purpose built facility in Grantham. The facility is certified to Quality Assurance standard ISO 9001 2015.

In house resources are supplemented by the services of specialist sub-contractors in the UK and Europe.

For further information, please call the engineering team direct on 01476 575400 or visit Zarafa Height Solutions.

Our engineering team retain ownership of projects from conception to commissioning. During the installation process they work closely with an in-house installation team from Zarafa Cradle Maintenance.

The entire project is handled by Zarafa personnel including on-going maintenance and training

For further information, please call the engineering team direct on 01476 575400 or visit Zarafa Height Solutions.

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