Zarafa are proud to announce that we are supporters of the giraffe herd at the UK’s most popular zoo.

For over 40 years Zarafa Group businesses have used a giraffe as its logo, so we thought it was time to do our bit to help this beautiful and endangered animal.

By supporting Chester Zoo and their active Giraffe conservation projects, we hope our support will go some way to helping this amazing species to grow its numbers. With only a few hundred left in the wild, Chester Zoo have a thriving herd of Rothschild’s giraffes, which are the world’s second rarest kind of giraffe.

Please visit Chester Zoo Giraffe pages for further information on the giraffes at Chester Zoo and the great work they do to help save giraffe’s from extinction.

We hope to bring news of the giraffe’s in Chester and the Zoo’s conservation projects in coming months.