Temporary Cradle using a bespoke rigging system to provide access to Beetham Tower in Birmingham.

Our customer needed access to the curved face of one of the more recognizable buildings in Birmingham - Beetham Tower. The biggest challenge on this project was the roof arrangement, with the main roof projecting over the fa├žade of the building. As a result, installing a temporary cradle from the main roof would leave the working platform too far away from the main facade which needed to be accessed.

Our engineering team came up with an innovative solution combining support from the main roof and support from a lower level - thus creating a bespoke projection arrangement. Space was limited on the lower level, so further advanced engineering was required to create a practical access solution. Thanks to close co-operation with our installation team, a method for moving the platform easily along the facade was created and incorporated into the design of the system - thus creating a safe and efficient method of carrying out the maintenance activity.

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